16 MAR 2012

Greg calls meeting to discuss services for homeless people

Greg called a meeting to discuss services for homeless people in Tunbridge Wells.

Greg said:

"Many people are concerned about the closure of the premises currently used by The Soup Bowl. This combined with the success of the Tunbridge Wells Churches' Winter Shelter has provided a good opportunity to review services for homeless people in the town.

"I called a meeting with representatives from the Borough Council, churches of all denominations in Tunbridge Wells and one of the key charities working with homeless people in Kent, Porchlight, to look at the different options. The Bishop of Rochester, who has a particular interest in homelessness, also attended.

"It is not an easy issue to resolve but through our discussions it is very clear to me that there is the experience, goodwill and enthusiasm to work together to find a solution.

"A Steering Group is going to be set up to look at the possibility of appointing a small team to provide continuing support for homeless people in Tunbridge Wells. Rough sleepers often have complex problems which only persistent and continuous professional support can help resolve. I think this would be a great way forward."

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